Instructions for Customers. How to sign up for EasyStaff and start collaboration with freelancers

EasyStaff is your helping hand in hiring a team of online experts globally. Your business does not have to waste time & effort on individual Freelancer Agreements and closing documents for each and every freelancer. Our Service will do it all for you.

Below please find a step-wise instruction: how to start working with EasyStaff.

Step 1. Create a Customer personal page

Go to “Sign In” section and click Login to EasyStaff or use this link to register
Please enter your active email you have access to. You will not be able to register otherwise
Click “Sign up” and fill in the form. Select “I’m a customer” in the “Role” field to
register as a company or sole proprietor. Click “Register”.
Click on “My Companies” tab and add your business. To add it, click “Create new” in the upper right corner.
Fill all the fields in and click “Create company”.
The contract will be emailed to you within 10 minutes. Please open the messages
and sign the Agreement using Eversign. Click on “Review & sign” to open the
Select a signature variant or upload your own one.There is the “Sign” button at the
bottom of the page. Click it to proceed.
All fields are mandatory-please fill them in
The Agreement text will be available on your personal page. To find it, go to “My
Companies” tab.

Step 2. Add funds to your EasyStaff account

To replenish your account, go to the Operations tab (on your personal page) and
click Add New.
Select your company, the amount, and currency to fund. Click “Save”.
Enter the card number, card expiration date, your first and last name, and the
CVV/CVC code. Click “Pay”.
If you want to top up your balance via bank transfer (SWIFT/SEPA/ACH/WIRE) use
payment details from the contract.

To convert your funds on your balance account to another currency. For
example, if you replenish your account in US dollars but plan to assign your
freelancer some tasks chargeable in Russian rubles. To convert your funds, go to
your personal account, open the “CurrencyExchange” tab, and click the “Add New” button.
Select your company and the conversion type in the window that opens:

  • FixSell. With this conversion type, you can convert all your funds or a certain amount. For instance, you have USD 10,000 on your balance account. You can convert this whole amount to RUB or another currency. Alternatively, you can convert just USD 5,000. Please notice that this is relevant when you have no fixed-fee task set for your freelancer. Thus, it is not important how much to convert—you are doing this for future use.
  • FixBuy. With this conversion type, you can buy a fixed amount of currency. For example, you have the above USD 10,000 on your balance account and you have a 3,000-ruble task set for your freelancer. Choose FixBuy to convert the funds to get just the amount you need to pay for your order rather than converting all your funds.
Once your request is completed, please wait until an EasyStaff specialist converts
your funds. A relevant notification will be emailed to you.

Step 3. Add freelancers or managers

Open your personal page and go to the “Freelancers” tab. Click “Invite”.
Enter the freelancer’s email, name, surname. Tick the relevant checkbox, if you want a freelancer sign the Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement.
Note that this document is issued only after the freelancer has filled in their profile.
If you have ticked “Intellectual Property Transfer” box, the freelancer will get an email prompting to sign a document issued by the Eversign service.

The “IP” section of a personal profile contains the list of the freelancers who have
signed the intellectual property transfer agreement.

If you want to invite managers to EasyStaff, go to “My team” tab. Select the “User
type”. If you invite a manager with a “customer” type, they will be able to invite
freelancers, top up the balance, set tasks and pay for the work.
If you choose “customer (limited)”, a manager will be able to invite freelancers and
set them tasks, but there will be no access to company balance.
Enter the manager’s email, name, surname. Click “Invite”.

Step 4. Assign a task to the freelancer

To create a task, go to the “Tasks” tab and click “Create”
Fill all the fields in. Click “Create task and send it later” if you want to edit the task
and send it to a freelancer a bit later. Click “Create task and send it to freelancer” if you want to send the task to a freelancer right away. Note that in this case you will not be able to edit the task.
When a freelancer gets the task, the status switches to Sent to FL (sent to the
freelancer). As soon as the freelancer accepts the taks, the status switches to
Accepted FL (accepted by the freelancer).
NB. To pay a freelancer from Russia, create a task and choose RUB as payment
currency. To pay freelancers from other countries, create a task and choose USD,
EUR, or UAH as payment currency. If you fund your account in another currency, use CurrencyExchange tab.

Step 5. Accept or reject the completed work

When a freelancer completes the task, the status switches to Sent to cust (sent to
the customer). Click on “Accept” to accept the completed task. Otherwise, click on
“Cancel” to reject the completed task.
Once you accept the completed task, the Service withdraws the specified amount (agreed on with the freelancer) from your EasyStaff.

The system will generate invoices containing: the details of the Parties, the amount
agreed upon, and other information about the task. To view your Invoices, go to the “Operations” tab and click on “Charge”—the tab with the withdrawals.You can also see funding invoices on the “Operations/Funding” tab.

There is another option: you can download your Invoices over a specified period. Goto the “Accounting” tab and click on “Add new”.
Select the company, type “Invoices batch”, the beginning and the end of the period requested and click “Save”. The file with invoices will be generated within 10
You can also download a reconciliation act for the period. Select the company,
“Reconciliation Act” type, the beginning and the end of the period requested and
click “Save”. The reconciliation act will be generated within 5 minutes.