Instructions for customers: how to register with EasyStaff and start working with freelancers

Step 1. Create your personal account as a customer

Follow this link, click "Sign up", select the role "I'm a customer".
Please enter your active email you have access to. You will not be able to register otherwise
Go to the "My companies” tab and click "Create new” to add a company.
Fill all the fields in and click "Create new".

Step 2. Sign a contract

Within 10 minutes, an email from Vitalii Mikhailov will be sent to you with a request to sign the contract through XodoSign.

Click "Review and Sign" to open the text.
Click the START button to start, or Actions - Reassign to forward the contract for signature.
On the last page of the contract, you will see a signature button, click on it. A window will appear in which you need to select one of the signature options or upload your own.
After signing, the contract is saved on the "My companies” tab.

Step 3. Invite freelancers and managers

Adding a contractor
"Freelancers” tab and click "Invite"

Select the Freelancer type, specify the email address, freelancer’s first and last name.
If you need to add a considerable number of contractors, use Upload in bulk button.
After clicking the Invite button, the freelancer will receive an invitation via email.
They will be able to register using the link in the email and fill out their profile: specify their full address, payment details.

If you check the Intellectual Property Transfer box, the freelancer will receive an Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement to sign in the XodoSign service after they fill out their profile.
In the Intellectual Property section of your personal account, you will see the contractors who signed the Agreement, and you will also be able to send the contract to those who were not sent in the beginning.
Adding a manager (optional)
Go to the "Managers” tab and click "Invite"
Select the type Customer or Customer (limited), specify the email address, payment manager’s first and last name.

  • A manager with the "Customer" type has full access to the account;
  • A manager with the type "Customer (limited)” can't accept tasks (Accept the job) and top up the balance with a card in the Funding section.

The manager will receive an invitation via email. They will be able to register using the link in the email.

Step 4. Top up your balance

When creating a payment task, our commission is added to the amount you want to pay to the contractor.

Top up your balance by adding the commission amount to the amount owed to freelancers.
Topping up the balance with a bank card

Go to the "Operations" tab and click "Add funds”.

You will be redirected to the card data entry form. In a couple of minutes after the operation, the balance in the system will be updated.
Topping up the balance by bank transfer

Bank details for SEPA/ACH/Wire/SWIFT transfers can be found in the contract. When sending the payment, put the description Service agreement dated dd/mm/yyyy.

SEPA or ACH transfer usually takes 1-3 business days, SWIFT/Wire transfer takes 3-5 business days.

When the funds are credited to your balance, you will receive an email notification.

Step 5. Request a currency exchange

If the freelancer receives payment in a currency other than the currency credited to your balance, you should request a currency exchange.
Go to the "Currency Exchange" tab, click "New exchange".
Select "FixSell” if you need to sell a certain amount of currency on your balance.
Choose the "FixBuy" type if you need to buy a certain amount of currency to pay your freelancer
Transactions are processed by our finance team during business hours, usually within 1 hour.

You will receive a notification by email after the operation is done.

Step 6: Assign a task to freelancer

Go to the "Tasks" tab, click ”Create", fill out the form.
Pay attention:

  • the information from the Task name and Task category fields will be indicated in the invoice when the task is completed;
  • the Price field is the amount that the contractor will receive, the EasyStaff commission is added to this amount automatically ;
  • the Currency field must be filled in the currency in which the payout will be made.
If you need to send several tasks, click Bulk upload -> Upload.
Make a copy of the Google Docs, fill in the data on your tasks, set the task status "Sent to FL” if you want to send tasks to freelancers right away, and upload the file to your EasyStaff account in .csv format.

Step 7: Accept the task

When you see the task with the status "Sent to cust" ("Sent to customer"), click "Accept the job", after which the amount of the task will be debited from your balance. The payment will be sent to a contractor within a working day.

If you need to accept several tasks, select the tasks with the status "Sent to cust”, click the checkboxes of the necessary tasks and click "Accept".

If you can't accept the task, you probably don't have enough balance in the task currency.

You can download a report on completed tasks on the "Tasks - Export" tab

Step 8: Download the closing documents

The top-up invoice is on the "Operations" - "Funding" tab.
The invoice for the completed task is on the "Operations” - "Charge" tab.
Invoices for a certain period and the reconciliation report can be downloaded in the section "Accounting” - "Add new”
  • Invoices for a certain period (Invoices Batch):
Specify the company, select the "Invoices Batch” field, the start date of the period, the end date of the period and click "Save". An archive with invoices for the selected period will be generated within 10 minutes.

  • Reconciliation Act
Specify the company, select the "Reconciliation Act” field, the start date of the period, the end date of the period and click "Save". The file with the reconciliation report will appear within 2-5 minutes.