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Topping up your balance with a bank card

If you have created a company on the platform and signed the contract with EasyStaff UAB, you can top up the company's balance. One of the options for replenishing the balance is by bank card.

Go to the Operations tab, click Add funds. In the opening form, select the company whose balance should be credited, enter the amount in the Funding amount line and the currency of the deposit in the Funding currency line. Click Save.

After creating the payment, click on the link in the Invoice/Pay link column and enter the card details. Funds will be credited within 10 minutes.
If after clicking the Add funds button you do not see the form for entering card data, contact your manager or apply to the online chat on the website. Perhaps your tariff does not include the use of the card.
If your company is registered in the USA, card verification is required. You can request a list of documents from your manager or in our online chat on the website.

Please note that if you top up your balance with a bank card, your company will be charged 10% for each task.
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