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Account Payable Process Automation

The automation that every size business needs and can afford is automating the accounts payable process. When you automate this through EasyStaff, we take over the hard parts of accounting for all of your business operations. We make it simple for you to share the information needed seamlessly. And, of course, our services are absolutely legal.

Accounts Payable Process

Perhaps you just started a business or an entrepreneurial effort. Accounts payable refers to money a company owes to its creditors. Each time you purchase something on store credit or using a purchase order, you create a bill that belongs in your accounts payable section of your financial ledgers. When you purchase something outright, such as paying cash for a new computer or writing a check for it, no bill is created. You’ve paid for the purchase.

Most businesses cannot afford to do this though and they incur a number of bills and invoices each month which must be cataloged, tallied, and paid. In business, you will quickly go out of business if you do not pay your bills. We can help alleviate the massive workload incurred by the accounts payable process flow.

Our reviews:

Mira Semenova

Chief of electronic payments department, inDriver
Together with EasyStaff we open new markets fast and easy! It's pleasant to get individual approach and quality solution of any question. Happy to be on the one wave.

Kirill Antoshin

CEO, Myrentacar
I'm working with EasyStaff more than 1 year. There weren't neither delays nor mistakes. All is exactly and is in the time. Sometimes guys give me useful advices about corporate finance.

Anna Prokopenkova

Account Director, Adv.Cake
EasyStaff - service, which helps to automate payment process for our customers. It is doing this operatively, quality and much more cheaper than competitors.



Easystaff makes AP automation solutions easy and takes out workload by up to 85%. Less AP resources can scale up the payment system now for any


Make payouts to your publishers, affiliates, developers, and others monthly with a low transaction fee. A fixed commission of 10% of the transfer amount is paid only by the sender of the money. The recipient does not pay anything for our services.


The complete automated invoice solution is provided for any business cycle. We help you to stay closer to your supplier and get invoices


Easystaff provides an automated system for task creation and management with high security for any API calls. Full-featured API integration is what we are

For Whom


With remote staff or distributed teams


Who needs to optimize costs or suggest the best solution for their own clients.


For any remote jobs


To pay your web-masters


To pay authors

The Accounts Payable Process Flow Chart

Getting your incoming bills to EasyStaff using a number of methods. You send us each invoice you receive, and we scan them and create a fully electronic file. You never need to manually enter data again.

You can provide your suppliers our firm as the address to which to submit invoices. If you make a one-time purchase and receive a bill for it, you can send that to us, too. We provide numerous ways to submit invoices for you and your suppliers:

  • email,
  • electronic upload,
  • mail them to the unique mailbox.

Accounts-Payable Process Steps

Once received, we input the bill into our invoice application. We designed our app to bear a close similarity to standard business approval processes and workflows; we just removed the inefficiency of a physical paper trail while ensuring that you can still create a paper document if you ever need it.

Our electronic record remains accessible to you 24 hours a day. If you ever need to print an invoice and its payment counterpart, you can. Using EasyStaff to automate your work process lets you track invoices electronically, simplify workflows and create a single repository for invoices.

Once captured, your invoice data provides you an instant audit trail. You can import approved invoices into our accounts payable system or approve them once they are entered. It is your choice. We offer an extensive list of management report s. You can quickly turnaround information to your supplier or to another vendor to prove you have paid.

Those payments are truly easy to make using the payment application we provide. It enables you to pay suppliers electronically. You input banking data once and the app tracks it and keeps it at the ready for you to access. Your approval workflow remains but is simplified.

Process Improvements

Automating the invoice and payments process provides a number of benefits, as does the creation of an electronic record and online bill payments. Here is a list of the major benefits and process improvements of partnering with EasyStaff:

  • a reduction of processing costs,
  • access to approvals and payment status at any time of day,
  • the ability to customize payment approval workflows,
  • access to our Supplier Management service teams,
  • access to our Payment Execution service teams,
  • an increased number of vendors adopting electronic payments,
  • potential rebates from vendors for switching to electronic billing and payment.
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End-to-End Process of Accounts Payable

Our end-to-end process ensures that you can automate every portion of your accounts payable process. Any financial need your firm has, EasyStaff can handle. Our system provides much more than the accounts-payable process. We also provide payment services, mass payments, ACH/EFT payments, and much more.

With respect to the AP automation solution, EasyStaff includes every step in the process so you have less financial paperwork to deal with on a daily basis. This means that our end-to-end process includes enrollment for your suppliers including programs to convert them to electronic payments, supplier data management, due diligence tools, plus supplier education. Our supplier portal makes it simple for your vendors to update their information.

Our API makes every action extremely simple. We designed our processes to benefit all of our customers. That is why our customer base includes solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large businesses.

We designed our product to scale. At EasyStaff, we know that keep our customers, we need to be able to serve their needs regardless of the size of their business. That means we have to provide a system that lets them each use what they need. That is why you can register to use our accounts-payable process only or you can register to use it and our mass payments process. Later, you can add on the ACH/EFT service or you can start with it all.

That’s the “easy” in EasyStaff. We make things simple for you by providing a number of useful services that allow you to automate your accounts payable, payroll systems, rebates, one-time payments, and much more. Your finance and human resources departments will love us for how simple we make their work.

Our simplification and automation of the paperwork process to an electronic one reduce their paper workload. That leaves them more time to identify and implement cost reductions and to work with your employees one-on-one.

  • By using the best practices in the accounts payable process, we reduce your costs.
  • By using EasyStaff, you save money on paper and printer ink costs, on human resources, and your free time for your existing employees to do other things that move your company forward.
  • Your accounting clerks no longer need to chase down paperwork or play telephone tag with vendors. Your accountants can prepare for an audit in a few mouse clicks.

Schedule a demonstration of our software system today. We have many advantages, such as the receipt of money to the account in any required currency within one business day, the absence of the need to pay taxes and create a huge number of accounting documents, and other useful features. Let EasyStaff show you how simple tracking and paying invoices can be.

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