Affiliate Networks Payments

In today’s online world many web publishers are affiliates of large advertising networks. They provide ads that link to other sites in exchange for earning commissions off sales. Affiliate programs bring publishers with niche audiences together with advertisers trying to reach specific markets. Here are ways that an electronic payment platform helps improve operations for affiliate networks and publishers.

Revenue Models for Affiliates

There are a couple different ways that web publishers make money from affiliate networks. One way is a revenue share model in which the publisher is paid a certain percentage of revenue generated from an online ad. This method is known as “pay-per-click (PPC).”

Another method is “pay-per-action,” in which publishers are paid for each online visitor who completes a certain set of actions, such as filling out an application or signing up for a newsletter. This method generates more income potential than the PPC model. It can be achieved either by sales or gathering leads with contact information.

In each case, affiliate networks payments require an electronic online payment platform, so that publishers are paid efficiently. These payments require a seamless automated solution that delivers accurate and timely payments.

Why Marketers Use Affiliates

The main attraction for marketers to affiliate programs is they can reach vast audiences online through sites that target the same audiences. A company that sells a specific type of industry software can reduce upfront advertising costs by only paying for clicks instead of views. In this scenario the marketer gets an extra benefit by exposing the product for free to new audiences through targeted websites.

How Publishers Want to Be Paid

Web publishers that monetize their sites with affiliate programs do so as a way to reduce the complexities of online B2B transactions. By putting up affiliate ad links, all these publishers need to worry about is counting the money as it comes in electronically. Collecting affiliate networks payments is easy and doesn’t require much more effort than posting a link that can generate multiple commissions instead of doing the actual sales work.

Paying Global Affiliates

If your company pays affiliates around the world it’s essential to use a secure and robust electronics payment system. This system is designed to make life easier for affiliates in multiple ways, such as giving them options on how often to get paid, in which native currency they need and through a selected payment method.

The system creates additional conveniences such as having the capability to validate W-9, W-8 and VAT tax forms. It ultimately gives you the power to make thousands of global payments in a matter of minutes.

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