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EasyStaff, a provider of enterprise-class automated pay-out systems, launched its revolutionary new mass payment solution that lets Accounts Payable departments send mass supplier payments, encourages electronic payments migration and eliminates failed or rejected payments, while reducing workload and saving money.

EasyStaff’s Suppliers Payment Process Automation provides Accounts Payable (AP) departments a way to automate paying their suppliers and vendors. Its new supplier payments processing area lets you automate your vendor payments for any item imaginable whether a tangible like office supplies or an intangible like negotiation coaching. Whether it is a rent, utility or supplies, EasyStaff lets you pay suppliers automatically using the mass payments system.

Our reviews:
Kirill Antoshin
CEO, Myrentacar
I'm working with EasyStaff more than 1 year. There weren't neither delays nor mistakes. All is exactly and is in the time. Sometimes guys give me useful advices about corporate finance.
Mira Semenova
Chief of electronic payments department, inDriver
Together with EasyStaff we open new markets fast and easy! It's pleasant to get individual approach and quality solution of any question. Happy to be on the one wave.
Anna Prokopenkova
Account Director, Adv.Cake
EasyStaff - service, which helps to automate payment process for our customers. It is doing this operatively, quality and much more cheaper than competitors.

Reducing Workload While Processing Supplier Payouts

This significantly reduces processing time and the workload of the user’s staff. EasyStaff takes over the hard work, so your employees can focus their attention on the big picture of your business.

First, it encourages self-onboarding. Your suppliers and vendors visit the EasyStaff web-dashboard which prompts them to choose their preferred payment method. They also enter their banking information related to the method they selected and completes the needed tax forms. Your employees can also add suppliers and their preferred payment method.

As you might guess, this reduces your employees’ paperwork, time spent on payments and reduces errors. It provides an efficiency and productivity boost.

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Suppliers Payment Processes Automation

Suppliers love this system, too. Online onboarding lets them complete paperwork when it is convenient for them. Automated payments ensure they receive their money faster. By automating the payouts suppliers online can get paid quicker and more efficiently.

Your operations department and information technology department enjoy the burden-free transition to electronic payments, since the EasyStaff system requires no changes to your existing systems to implement. Your IT department does not need to install or update software. Use of our system places no additional burden on their servers, computers or operational processes. Since our system exists in the cloud, there’s no expensive infrastructure costs.

The EasyStaff mass payment solution lets your Accounts Payable department send mass supplier payments, encourage electronic payments migration and eliminate failed or rejected payments, while reducing workload and saving money. Contact us today to learn more and get started using this exciting system. We make the question of how to pay suppliers simple to answer.

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