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If you looking for a reliable payment method for your freelancers from abroad, check out and try Easystaff. No need to use any other platforms – we provide single and mass legal upwork payments with clear processing fees and scheduling. Easystaff uses secure connection for your private data protection.

  • Building reliable client-freelancer relations.
  • 100% legal for both contractor and customer.
  • Data and business information protection.
  • Freelancers already use Easystaff.
Our reviews:
Kirill Antoshin
CEO, Myrentacar
I'm working with EasyStaff more than 1 year. There weren't neither delays nor mistakes. All is exactly and is in the time. Sometimes guys give me useful advices about corporate finance.
Mira Semenova
Chief of electronic payments department, inDriver
Together with EasyStaff we open new markets fast and easy! It's pleasant to get individual approach and quality solution of any question. Happy to be on the one wave.
Anna Prokopenkova
Account Director, Adv.Cake
EasyStaff - service, which helps to automate payment process for our customers. It is doing this operatively, quality and much more cheaper than competitors.

How to pay Upwork freelancers and agencies with Easystaff

Easystaff upwork payment method to freelancers and agencies is very easy:

  • First, create your account. Our network is secure, you can be sure that all your data and business information will be safe.
  • Second, choose billing method. We accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard, American Express), ACH – Bank Account.
  • Third, choose scheduling options. Easystaff can provide either single or regular upwork payment schedule.
  • Now you can send payments to your freelancers on upwork, no matter what origin they are. We provide all needed documents for our clients.

Once registered on Easystaff, you don’t need to print all the information about your company and affiliated freelancers over and over. We save your time – the system remembers all data. If you need to change payment source or any other options, do it with «one-click».

Easystaff upwork payment system is totally legal – you can pay from your bank account and get all the needed documents for tax declaration.

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Security & Pricing

The main benefit of one common upwork payment system is easy account managing for different cases. You can pay freelancers who perform single job for the company or set up scheduled transfers for the big working group. Transparent processing fee is profitable both for freelancers and clients.

We already work with freelancers all over the world, they trust Easystaff and choose our system because of easy managing, transparent terms of use and quick legal payment in their national currency receiving. All this together provides healthy, legal and trustful remote work relationships. It also improves the image of your company and makes it more attractive to experienced freelancers.

We provide all necessary actions to ensure the security of payments and transfers, protecting personal data and internal company information. Easystaff does not transfer your data to third parties, you can be sure that every step inside your account is secure, no matter what billing method is chosen: ACH or credit card. High service quality is guaranteed by extensive experience of compliance and transactions. You can choose freelancer from any country thanks to wide currency support of the service.

Choosing Easystaff you get gateway diversification, reliable payments and high quality service.

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Automated Upwork Freelancers Payment Solution

  • Manage remote work pricing with low incoming fees.
  • Use API for automate mass upwork payments.
  • Choose suitable billing method and currency.
  • Ensure freelancers to get payments in their national currency without extra fees.
  • Build trustful remote work relationships.
  • Use easy and secure upwork payment method without extra accounts.
  • Let us deal with AML and compliance for you.
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