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Pay remote employees and freelancers in any currency globally

EasyStaff is a freelance management platform for seamless payroll through a B2B contract

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We help 2100+ businesses grow and develop internationally

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EasyStaff provides fully compliant closing documents to match your local regulations and laws.

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Once you are satisfied, you can send money in just one click to bank cards, bank accounts or PayPal.

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Sign a B2B contract with EasyStaff to start paying your contractors all over the world.

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€ 50 million has already been transferred from employers to freelancers with EasyStaff

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With EasyStaff, you can manage multiple foreign contractors in a single platform.

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We help managers achieve their business goals

Product owners and CEOs

Expand your business and focus on what’s important

Project managers and Recruiters

Run projects without geographic restrictions and attract new talents from abroad.

CFOs and Accountants

Pay legally and compliantly to any country with risk-free 100% online workflow.
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