Quick and legal way to pay freelancers, remote employees and bloggers abroad

With b2b Agreement and Invoices
Obviously, you can find highly qualified specialists with fluent English abroad. Their expected income may be lower than that in your country. Thus, it can be a cost-effective way to reinforce your team. Once you register with us, you are able to employ the appropriate workforce in just 5 minutes.

Recruit freelancers located anywhere without opening new offices

One EasyStaff Agreement will replace all Freelance Agreements. Upon each and every payment, you will have Tax Invoices generated and submitted to your personal page. We guarantee compliance with your local tax regulations.

Sign one agreement instead of dozens

Forget direct payments and enjoy a time-saving, faster, and cheaper way to pay your remote staff using your EasyStaff B2B Agreement. No more tedious paperwork with banks, commission payments, translations of agreements, long waits for transfers.

Streamline your business processes with remote team members

EasyStaff is an EU-based Lithuanian company. You are not a withholding agent if you hire someone through EasyStaff. Thus, it is no more your headache to pay taxes for your foreign resident workforce.

You can hire individuals from abroad through a B2B Agreement with an EU company

EasyStaff acts as a subcontractor: a single supplier for a company, but a customer for a remote freelancer

Each customer company has their own account with us. You add jobs for your team there.
Enter into a Service Agreement with our Lithuanian company. Invite your freelancers to join our Service.
A remote freelancer can see a job in their own personal account. They complete it and upload their results.
The results will be available on the company’s personal page. Once you confirm the job delivery, an appropriate amount will be debited from your account specified on your personal page.
EasyStaff transfers the money to the freelancer and issues the closing documents.
​Employing a remote team through easystaff.io: Benefits
Quick unlimited browse through qualified specialists
​Powerful CIS team with rates 2−3 times lower than full-time rates
Qualified CIS freelancers with fluent English are often a part of US and EU teams. On average, their rates are half as much as those of US and EU residents.
Thus, you can somewhat loosen the budget strings. That means that you can afford twice as large a team without stretching your budget or compromising the quality.
Hire a team of fitting specialists not limited by their citizenship or tax status.
Broaden the candidates funnel with CIS workforce. You become more attractive for pros fluent in your mother tongue.
Save a few days worth of freelance agreement paperwork. Once registered with us, your freelancer is eligible to start working in 5 minutes.
​Save up to 27% on tax payments due non-resident individuals
​Save up to 50% of your payroll budget for a remote team and accounting activities
Enrich your choice with remote experts that offer optimal rates without having to enroll them full-time. You save on opening a local office, furnishing workplaces, and paying full-time rates.
Cut costs related to HR and accounting. Appoint one Accounting Assistant per 100+ remote freelancers.
Use a single B2B Agreement with EasyStaff UAB, which is registered under the laws of Lithuania, EU, as an alternative to multiple Freelance Agreements.
Transfer payments to an EU company rather than an individual. Thus, you do not become a withholding agent for your freelancers and you do not have to pay their taxes.
Enjoy automatic issue of closing documents in the Service and prevent fines and additional tax payments. Save your time and money on settling labor disputes.
​We founded EasyStaff to widen your horizons
By providing access to a global hi & fintech platform, Easystaff. io aims to give small businesses the opportunity to hire remote freelancers without being limited by their residency or tax status and to optimize their budgets. Our Service is a bridge between a highly qualified workforce with optimal rates and favorably disposed employers from more economically developed countries.
easystaff.io founder, CFA Level II passed
Vitalii Mikhailov
easystaff.io co-founder, kiwitaxi.com founder
Evguenii Fyodorov
​When EasyStaff is your answer
Join now and let us help you find a perfect fit with relevant language skills and appropriate qualifications for your business tasks. Fill in your company’s profile on easystaff.io and get a proven match from us for free.
Business Owners

Project Managers

HR Managers

EasyStaff offers an absolutely legal scheme: we have a Subcontractor Agreement with your company and Freelance Agreements with your freelancers. We provide any documents to submit to tax authorities, so you avoid any fines or additional tax payments.
Start hiring freelancers in a safe and legal way
Streamline your payments with EasyStaff! Have one Service Agreement instead of multiple individual Freelance Agreements.
About to move your team online?
Cut your payroll budget to one half or third with EasyStaff. Find qualified specialists in countries with lower payroll expectations to work online; hire those skilled in your language.
Improve your rate of return
Enlarge your search: add European or CIS specialists fluent in your language, engage best fits for your online team or freelance jobs.
Lacking staff able to ensure high quality or expedite production?
Substitute Freelance Agreements with a single B2B Agreement. This will ensure a 27% cut on tax payments. Thus, you can attract more customers and ensure a more rapid business growth.
Still paying taxes for your remote non-resident freelancers?
Annoyed with extra time and budget required by the remote workflow?
Establish indirect relationships with your remote contractors through EasyStaff. Our service supports convenient payment methods. Thus, you avoid long waiting periods and get auto-issued closing documents on your personal page.
​Set up a convenient workflow for your business
Companies from the European Union, the USA, and other countries
Marketplaces, freelance marketplaces, job aggregators, 50+ freelancers
8% charged per payment
Charged on individual basis
Integration through API
24/7 technical support
0% charged for withdrawals from your account with us
Replenish your account with us from your company card account or with a SEPA transfer
Get closing documents in PDF
Define and accept tasks
24/7 technical support
We will be happy to analyze your case, offer fair rates, demo the product, help find remote freelancers
​Set up a convenient workflow for your business
8% charged per payment
  • Replenish your account with us from your company card account or with a SEPA transfer
  • 0% charged for withdrawals from your account with us
  • Get closing documents in PDF
  • Define and accept tasks
Companies from the European Union, the USA, and other countries
Charged on individual basis
  • Replenish your account with us from your company card account or with a SEPA transfer
  • 0% charged for withdrawals from your account with us
  • Get closing documents in PDF
  • Define and accept tasks
Marketplaces, freelance marketplaces, job aggregators, 50+ freelancers
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Help in your search for remote freelancers
  • Integration through AP
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More about service
Pay freelancers online with EasyStaff: benefits for customer
EasyStaff will allow you to pay remuneration to remote specialists without unnecessary bureaucracy.
You sign a contract with us, and we take care of the entire paperwork: we provide contracts with freelancers and automatically generate invoices for tax reporting. This will take the burden off your finance department and let you focus on your business, not the paperwork.
How to pay freelancers through EasyStaff service
You transfer money from your corporate card or bank wire to our Lithuanian company with VAT-code, and this company transfers funds to your freelancers over the world. This way we avoid all the obstacles that usually arise when trying to transfer money to a foreign individual.

We charge a flat commission of 10% for our services, excluding VAT (if you have VAT-code in EU or you is outside EU) and other hidden fees. This means that you need to top up the balance in the EasyStaff account in the following way: cost of freelancer’s work + 10%.

We have no subscription fees. You pay only for the money transfer actually made. Therefore, our service is best suited for one-time tasks for designers, copywriters, programmers, and other professionals who are often outsourced.
Will my tax authorities accept your invoices?
A sample invoice that we submit to our customer to pay for their freelancer through EasyStaff

Yes, they will. Invoice is an international term for a Delivery and Acceptance Certificate. Businesses submit such Certificates every time they deal with foreign counterparties. Such documents act as a main confirmation that a job is done.

Please find below a sample invoice we generate for our customers.
How do I pay for remote workers' services?
Enter your company card account details on your personal page and add funds to your account at EasyStaff by the amount due your online team and freelancers plus our service charges. It is convenient as such payments do not involve currency conversion issues.

Once a freelancer completes their job and you accept the result, the Service instantly debits the due amount from the company’s EasyStaff account and distributes the payments among the team members.
Can I transfer my payments through our settlement account?
Yes, you can. You will need an invoice issued by EasyStaff.
Does your payment service support freelancers only?
No, there are no such limitations. Easystaff. io supports relationships with an online team or freelancers with any tax status who provide any digital services from anywhere on the globe.
Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]