Worldwide with invoices

Pay remote workers
quickly and legally!

Pay quickly and easily: there's no need to open accounts in other countries and get 10 banks' cards
Save on taxes and transfers absolutely legally
Pay from and to anywhere in the world with no restrictions
Pay 100% legally with all the necessary invoices. There's no need to send money in trust and worry about its safety
Choose one of our services for yourself
Work 100% legally and save on taxes
EasyStaff acts as a contractor between two parties: For the company, we are the contractor, For employees, we are the employer
Pay anywhere from any country with
no restrictions
A service for companies that need to pay remote employees and permanent contractors
with B2B contracts
Compliance with Western law is our responsibility
You get the invoices you can submit to your tax authority - everything is legal
You receive payment in whatever currency you need. We convert the payment at the market rate and send it to your card
A service for freelancers to accept payment from customers from any country
Jonathan P Slaby
"I had a little trouble getting started, only because of everything being new to me. But with a little help from your support staff we were able to get through it. I am especially great grateful for the help you gave to my freelancer."
Michael Oosten
"Support has been amazing. Knowledgeable and quick to respond with an answer or solution."
Giovanna M.
It was quite tough for me at first to understand how the platform works, but the support team explained everything. Now they updated the platform and usability is great :)
The service itself is very helpful to administrate all the payments.
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How to pay using the easystaff.io payment service
You accept the freelancer's work for which you set a price in advance, you fill up your personal account balance in the service with a corporate card or a bank transfer, and easystaff.io transfers the money to your performer. At the end of the transaction you receive closing documents.

In this way you bypass all the obstacles that usually arise when trying to transfer money to a natural person or an employee abroad.

For our services we take a fixed commission from 7%, without VAT and other hidden fees. This means that you have to refill your balance in your personal easystaff.io account according to the following scheme, for example: the cost of work + 7%. We have no subscription fees. You pay only for the actual money transfer.
What are the benefits for the company to use the easystaff.io payment service
  • You don't have to document each employee separately. A single contract with easystaff.io replaces all of your freelance contract.

  • You don't waste time drafting closing documents. With every payment, the service generates tax invoices and sends them to your personal page.

  • You don't have to think about currency control and conversion if you pay employees abroad.

  • You simply replenish your personal service account, and your money will be debited and distributed among the employees automatically.

  • You delegate routine tasks to our service, and free up your time for global tasks: expanding your company, hiring cool specialists from around the world, and earning more money!
Why companies should use the easystaff.io payment service
With the easystaff.io payment service you will not only pay a specialist for the work done without unnecessary bureaucracy, but also start the process of mass payments - this is especially important for large businesses with a large staff.

Timely payment that all workers receive in full builds trust among your team members, which lets you launch effective work processes and develop your business.
Will my tax authorities accept your invoices?
Yes, they will. Invoice is an international term for a Delivery and Acceptance Certificate. Businesses submit such Certificates every time they deal with foreign counterparties. Such documents act as a main confirmation that a job is done.

Please find below a sample invoice we generate for our customers.
How do I pay for remote workers' services?
Enter your company card account details on your personal page and add funds to your account at EasyStaff by the amount due your online team and freelancers plus our service charges. It is convenient as such payments do not involve currency conversion issues.

Once a freelancer completes their job and you accept the result, the Service instantly debits the due amount from the company’s EasyStaff account and distributes the payments among the team members.
Can I transfer my payments through our settlement account?
Yes, you can. You will need an invoice issued by EasyStaff.
Does your payment service support freelancers only?
No, there are no such limitations. easystaff.io supports relationships with an online team or freelancers with any tax status who provide any digital services from anywhere on the globe.
Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]