Employment vs. Service Agreements
Which is more profitable?
– Do you hire employees under a service contract?
– Why not?
– What if I show you how to make it completely legal and cost-effective?
– Let me explain the process to you. Fill in the form below and see what EasyStaff offers.
Evgenii Fedorov, Co - founder at EasyStaff
EasyStaff is a freelance management platform to send money abroad to remote specialists. It allows companies to work with foreign contractors globally through a B2B contract with a legal entity in Lithuania. Every payment is 100% legal, and companies and freelancers receive compliant closing documents.
By partnering with a payroll service, you can ensure that all aspects of payment and taxation are handled seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business. This approach enables you to work with remote teams in a legally compliant manner through a service agreement.
Evgenii Fedorov,
Co - founder at EasyStaff
On-demand webinar
Unlocking Competitive Advantage: How Working with Remote Contractors Can Reduce Payroll Costs by Up to 50%
Who will benefit?
Business owners and CEOs
– to optimize processes for company growth
Project managers and Product owners
– to scale potential and stay within a budget
CFO and Finance managers
– to find more tips for cost reduction
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