Receive 10% of the client's fee

Get a passive income 12 months a year

30,000 ₽ - average income per month

Recommend EasyStaff to companies that work with remote specialists and earn money

income from 1 customer


paid to partners

You will receive a unique referral link in your personal account

Sign up for EasyStaff

The customer will be automatically connected
to your account

Send link to customer

The client pays his employees via easystaff.io. You get 10% of the client's fee for 12 months.

Get income

Enter your company name in your account and recommend the service. Our managers will contact the client.

Recommend easystaff.io

Why do I need the affiliate program?

You invited a client. He paid freelancers 10 million usd via EasyStaff and paid 10% fee to the service - that's 1 million usd

The more clients there are, and the higher their turnover on the platform, the higher your income

You get 10% from 1 million usd - 100,000 usd.

Who is the affiliate program for?

Remote employees

Invite your clients to EasyStaff so they can pay for remote workers easier, faster and more conveniently


Connect your clients to EasyStaff, and it will be easier for you to assemble teams of remote specialists for them - with no restrictions on countries or tax status

Everyone who works with companies that hire remote specialists. It is not necessary
to use the EasyStaff platform as an employee or client.


Recommend easystaff.io to the audience of your info product and get passive income


Recommend easystaff.io to the audience of your info product and get passive income

Legal entities

Reach out to clients who pay freelance individuals or remote specialists from other countries. Offer to optimize taxes without breaking the law.


Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

The Affiliate Program: Rules