EasyStaff Affiliate Program
Be our advocate with businesses that hire remote staff–get your reward
off of a customer's charges paid
average monthly income
of passive income
The Service directs you to a personal Affiliate page, where you get a unique referral link..
Sign up with EasyStaff
We will connect the customer to your Personal page automatically.
Send the link to your customer
You need to specify the company name on your Personal page and recommend our Service. Our managers will then contact the customer.
Or tell us about the potential customer
During the next 12 months, you get 10% of the charges that the customer pays from payments to their remote staff.
Get your income
The more customers you entice to join and the higher their spendings on remote staff on the platform, the larger your commission.
Thus, you would get 10% of these charges–that amounts to $1,250.
You invite a customer. The customer pays, say, $125,000 to its freelancers and 10% for the Service–that amounts to $12,500.
Perfect fits
Anyone who collaborates with businesses that resort to remote outsourcing. You do not have to be an active EasyStaff freelancer or customer.
Help your clients save time and money
and have an additional source of income
Invite your customers to join EasyStaff to facilitate their payments to online staff with the easier and faster service.
Experts working online
Connect your clients to EasyStaff–empower yourself with an expedient tool to build teams of online experts for them. Enjoy the independence of citizenship or tax status.
Approach your clients that outsource jobs to individual freelancers or to online CIS-based experts. Showcase them the way to optimize tax payments legally.
What makes earning with EasyStaff attractive
Track your incoming payments on your personal page. The accrued amount comes as a net amount without any additional charges.
Transparent accruals
We convert the amounts using an applicable conversion rate on the date of payment.
EasyStaff makes transfers in any currency
There is no limit on the customer's turnover: it can be 200 thou or 200 mln–you will get your payment in full.
Income without limitations
EasyStaff makes transfers at the end of each quarter. This schedule is adjustable upon request.
Payments due every 3 months
EasyStaff transfers funds to holders of Mastercard, Visa, MIR banking cards, through PayPal, and to bank accounts.
Opt for a convenient method of transfer
Your arguments to engage your customers to join EasyStaff
Explain our scheme to save on paperwork
while legally saving on tax payments
Join EasyStaff's affiliate program now and earn your share from each order
One Service Agreement with
EasyStaff replaces dozens of Freelance Agreements with online staff
VAT-exempt transfers through EasyStaff with fixed charges
Boost your team expertise with freelancers from anywhere on the globe
Engage individuals and self-employed workers without tax risks
Save up to 43% legally on taxes and insurance fees
The Service generates closing documents automatically