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Free up HR and payroll staff to focus on business development. Sign a b2b contract with EasyStaff and pay globally in one click. Transfer fee at €39+ per payment.
Why EasyStaff?
Optimize your payroll and compliance strategy in Germany
Real people to help
Avoid red tape
Paperwork is on us
No hidden fees
39 EUR per transaction
Eliminate risks
Get all closing documents
Pay worldwide
No borders for contractors
Our payroll service offers simple processing across multiple countries, currencies, languages, and time zones. As a contractor for self-employed individuals and freelancers, we take care of all the legal obligations for you.
How does it works?
Work 100% legally and save on transactions
Acts as a contractor, bridging the gap between two parties:
For companies, we are a contractor
For remote teams and self-employed people, we act as the company that processes and sends their payment
We believe in remote teams
Manage international workforce and save on payroll expenses. We will make transactions 100% legal and safe for only 39EUR per payment.
Companies trust EasyStaff
EUR in transfers
Employees worldwide through our platform
They trust us
Payment process made fast
Onboarding with EasyStaff is super easy, and it only took us about 5 minutes. We send money to freelancers abroad, and payments are now fast and we also get all closing documents right away. We unloaded our HR by delegating some of their tasks to EasyStaff.
Grete Raisig
CEO, Founder
Saved ≈80% on payroll expenses
The task was to edit about 200 videos. At first, we wanted to work with local freelancers, because it seemed easier. But there was so much paperwork to keep up with, that we opted for EasyStaff to reach out to cheaper and more convenient overseas video editors. In the end, we saved about 80% on payroll expenses.
Nicola Bonary
Project manager
Made payment around the world
We are a language school, so sending money overseas to our teachers is essential. With some countries, it would take about 2 weeks to send money there, and about 50% of a salary went to taxes. With EasyStaff, we are able to save money and be compliant with all legal regulations.
Inna Rossi
Financial director
Managing remote teams made easy
Get completed tasks from your remote worker.
Add money to your personal account with a corporate card or a bank transfer.
EasyStaff sends money to your team. Closing documents are available in your account.
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For the company, we serve as the contractor with a VAT code, thanks to the reverse-charge mechanism, which means you don't have to pay taxes.
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