Bill in EUR or USD and withdraw in 1 click!

With Start, receive payments from clients in the US, EU, and other countries

Sell your services to the western market at high rates

Accept payment from
clients abroad without
shady schemes

In European and American companies, the projects are more interesting and the pay is better. You get more opportunities for professional development and sell your services at a higher rate

Don't waste time registering a legal entity or a bank account abroad. Focus on making money, and we will take care of compliance with all the foreign laws and norms

Bill foreign clients in dollars or euros. We will convert the payment at the market rate and pay it into your account in your currency

The customer does not register in the service. He receives an invoice from a European company and pays the invoice with no questions from his bank and tax authorities

Cost of service for freelancers



Scheme of the Start service

Sign up in Start and get verified

Enter the clients’ data and fill out the payment form. The invoice will be generated automatically

Send the invoice to your client's email,
or contact them in any other way you like

After payment, the money will appear
on your balance

Withdraw money to your account or card
in your preferred currency

We work with different banks and payment systems: SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, PayPal, Crypto, Skrill, Mastercard, VISA. You can withdraw money to your card in any currency you like: EUR, USD and without any hidden fees.


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