Вывод средств с площадки YYY

Topping up the balance with bank transfer

You can find the details for balance top-up on the Operations — Add funds tab.
Send a bank transfer with the description "Service agreement dated dd/mm/yyyyyy".
If you need an invoice to top up your balance, please contact your account manager to activate this option.

Terms and procedure for crediting payments:
Up to 5 business days, not counting the day the payment is sent.
We check incoming payments several times a day.
Upon receipt, we will credit the funds to your company’s balance. You will receive an automatic notification to your email.
Important: Crediting is carried out manually by the finance department during business hours.

Locating payments that have not been credited:
If you use payment services such as Airwallex, Payoneer and other that do not allow us to identify the sender, always notify us of a deposit by attaching payment confirmation. In other cases, this information is usually not required.
If the payment is not received within 5 business days, please send us payment confirmation. We will check if your payment has been received but unallocated.
If more than 5 working days have passed, excluding the day of dispatch, and the payment has not been credited, send us an MT103 form and we’ll send it to our bank for searching.
If we do not receive a reply on the status of the payment even in this case, ask your bank for a GPI tracker (aka UETR, universal SWIFT transfer identifier, format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).
This way you will see what step your payment is at.
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