Verified employees from the former CIS countries

Database of verified candidates
Working via b2b contract with easystaff.io
Easy and fast way to pay out
resource managers conduct a background check and invite candidates to their database, but also conduct preliminary interviews and compile a reference for each candidate
with remote employees from any country and any tax status
beneficial salary to employees with any tax status
Your benefits as an employer
25% or lower wages, than residents of your country
Verification of skills by resource-managers
Jobs are closed 1.5-2 times faster
Super informative summary along with a CV for each candidate
100% easier selection
What you need to do
Sign up in the new service for Teams candidates and employers, based on easystaff.io platform
Request staff recruitment from the resource-manager of the service
Select the most suitable candidate from a database of verified candidates independently
Discuss experience and your tasks with candidates , choose the ideal one
Negotiate with the candidate about the terms and conditions and sign a contract with him in easystaff.io. And pay in the currency you want!
Our candidates
Developers, analysts, testers, marketers, designers, and everyone else from IT, media, marketing, and all around.
The candidates' competence is already confirmed by the resource-manager!
English language
B1 and higher
Full-time or part-time
Confirmation of
professional skills
All you have to do is choose
Don't want to choose on your own?
You can order recruitment from a verified database of candidates now.
1290 €
1,5 months
recruitment price
and free replacement
Average recruiting period time
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