О сервисе
EasyStaff is a service designed to automate document workflow and payments for remote employees and freelancers worldwide. We offer convenient tools for both customers and freelancers. EasyStaff takes care of all payment-related issues, allowing companies to focus more on business development and increasing profits instead of dealing with paperwork for each employee, spending time on tax reporting, and navigating currency conversion.

If you are a customer, register with EasyStaff, create tasks and accept work results, while we take care of payments to your employees or freelancers.

If you are a freelancer, you need an invitation from your customer to register with EasyStaff. After registration, fill out your profile, accept tasks, upload the results, and send them to the customer.

All closing documents will be generated automatically.

EasyStaff provides opportunities for both individuals and legal entities to work with the service.

General information

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V. Nagevičiaus st. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-08237
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8am - 5pm UTC +2