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Bulk upload of tasks

Copy the template for bulk uploading tasks to Google Spreadsheet, fill in all the fields and download the file in CSV format.

Template link

Go to the TasksBulk upload and press Upload a bunch of tasks button.
Select a company and upload the file with tasks in CSV format.
If all the icons are green, then click Upload now to upload the file. If some icons are gray, then select a value in the dropdown next to the appropriate column name in your CSV file. When all the icons turn green, the Upload now button will become active.
Checking the file may take several minutes.
If you see the notification Several errors were found, it means that errors were found in some fields. For example, the freelancer's email or the amount of the task is entered in an incorrect format. Click View more details and fix the errors.
When all the errors are resolved, you will see the tab with tasks. You will be able to edit or delete them. If everything is fine with the tasks, click Upload all tasks.
Tasks may take several minutes to load.
All uploaded tasks will be displayed on the Tasks tab

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