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Easy, legal and cost-efficient payments to foreign talents
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Many organizations seek to hire workers in different countries to access the best talent at cost-effective prices. However, whether you hire one person or a thousand, there are significant challenges to overcome. These include entity setup, payroll management, compliance, taxes, and liability. Therefore, there is a lot to consider before hiring internationally.

EasyStaff will share the secrets of building and scaling an international company. Join us now to gain expert insights and learn best practices best practices in team management and expense optimization.
You’ll learn how to:
automate payroll processing
reduce errors and increase accuracy
comply with local regulations
free up HR and payroll staff to focus on other tasks
legally avoid non-resident employee taxes and manage a team in a cost-efficient manner
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About EasyStaff
EasyStaff is a service designed to automate document workflow and payments for remote employees and freelancers worldwide. We offer convenient tools for both customers and freelancers.

EasyStaff takes care of all payment-related issues, allowing companies to focus more on business development and increasing profits instead of dealing with paperwork for each employee, spending time on tax reporting, and navigating currency conversion.
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