How EasyStaff can Become your Accountant and Help Save on Support for Relationships with Foreign Freelancers

Small businesses often find more value in hiring freelancers from CIS countries: their fees are usually lower and the choice of specialists is wider. However, your cooperation with remote employees and payments to foreign contractors can turn out to be expensive: you have to pay your accounting team, enter into multiple individual agreements, collect closing documents to support foreign currency transactions, and pay bank charges for international transfers.

Work with EasyStaff to cut down such charges and pay foreign contractors avoiding the accompanying paperwork. Below we will show how our service cuts your expenses and saves your time to ensure your payments to foreign contractors.

Save on Accounting Services

Imagine that you have hired a copywriter from Russia, a designer from Bulgaria, a team of developers from Belarus, and five more specialists from CIS countries. Now imagine those dozens of agreements you need to sign with each individual team member. Moreover, you will need a team of accountants with expertise in the legislations of those countries to create accompanying documents in two languages each.

EasyStaff will facilitate and simplify your work with foreign freelancers. You just sign a single agreement with EasyStaff and this eliminates the other paperwork. You even do not have to travel anywhere to sign an agreement with EasyStaff — you can do that online. Our service will email you a PDF with our agreement where you need to enter your last name and digitally sign the document.
You do not need to print it out. You will be offered multiple signature variants or you can upload your image file.
Once your EasyStaff Agreement is signed, you can invite your freelancers to our platform and then pay international staff. For freelancers, our service will act as their employer that pays: we will be paying your foreign independent contractor. For your organization, our service will act as a subcontractor that formally does the job. Thus, EasyStaff is an intermediary between the customer and a freelancer.

Choose EasyStaff and avoid hiring accountants and assistants to handle the paperwork for you and ensure that the business is legal. This will allow you to hire less staff and thus save on their salaries, taxes, and insurance fees.

Pay a Fixed Amount of Charges Only

Many freelancers don't have bank cards issued by foreign banks, so you will waste your money by paying overseas contractors with charges for SWIFT transfers. These commission charges can go up to dozens of Euro regardless of the amount of payment. Say, you need to pay EUR 100 to your freelancer. Bank charges can be as high as EUR 37. With multiple transfers, you might lose a significant amount of such charges. Also please note that Russia is under sanctions and disconnected from SWIFT, so such payments to foreign contractors for services will not be transferred.

If you are an EasyStaff customer, you pay a uniform fixed commission. It makes from 6 to 10% of the amount for a given job. Thus, if you transfer USD 10,000 to your freelancers, you will pay USD 600 for the transfer. You benefit from paying less than the total commission charges for international transfers. Top up your account balance with EasyStaff in any currency. The service will transfer relevant amounts to your freelancers and you will not need to look for how and where to convert the money.
You can top up your account by transferring the funds from your corporate card or transactional bank account. Our service does not charge such transfers

Save on Taxes and Insurance Payments

Every country has its own tax legislation. Thus, with a freelancer from Russia you will need to pay a personal income tax, insurance premiums, and VAT bills for each transaction — not speaking about the payments to foreign contractors for services. A tax burden for a business can reach 43%. Also, your business will have to file a tax declaration and make a report for every employee. Such expenses might be quite expensive for customers.

EasyStaff is an international company registered in Europe. Therefore, you will not need to pay taxes, insurance premiums, or VAT. The only thing you do is to replenish your account with us with the amount due to your contractors plus our charges. No reporting, no extra paperwork – just pay international staff with ease.
A sample invoice from EasyStaff. You can download it in PDF
You will have no troubles with tax authorities as every completed job will have an invoice — an international document to confirm your expenses. Such an invoice is equivalent to a Russian commercial invoice, so relevant tax authorities will accept it without question.

To start your cooperation with freelancers globally and cost-effectively, we invite you to register with EasyStaff: please follow the guide.