The EasyPartner Affiliate program (hereinafter referred to as the “AP”) is a form of collaboration that implies remunerations for attracting new Users to the Service.

An Affiliate is an AP member.

A Referral is a User of the Customer type who has signed up with the Service through the Partner’s Referral link or who has been assigned to the Partner by the Customer Support service due to their use of the AffRequest feature.

A Referral link (hereinafter referred to as the “RL”) is a specific URL that the Partner obtains in their Personal account.

The Operator is EasyStaff UAB—owner of the https://easystaff.io service that launched the AP.
2.1. To participate in the AP, the User must register for the Affiliate portal, available at: https://affiliate.easystaff.io/register, and get their Referral link. Both individuals and legal entities can participate in the AP.

2.2. The Affiliate can post this URL on websites, in blogs, or in social networks. It is allowed to send the URL in messages (Email, WhatsApp, Skype, and so on).

2.3. The Service system identifies a Referral by scanning the utm parameter once the Referral clicks the User’s URL.

2.4. The Affiliate shall assume the following obligations:

2.4.1. Use only one Personal account to participate in the AP.

2.4.2. Avoid spamming with Referral links.

2.4.3. Avoid registering duplicate Personal accounts through their own Referral link.

2.4.4. Avoid registering through the Affiliate’s Referral link the Users that are affiliated businesses of the Affiliate. An affiliated business shall mean a business where you have a share in the authorised capital or a C-level post.

2.4.5. Adhere to the applicable rules that regulate the use of the Service.

2.5. A cookie lifetime is 30 days.
3.1. A Remuneration shall amount to 10% of the Service Commission.

3.2. The Affiliate shall get their Remuneration only for the transactions that the associated Referral performed during 1 year after their registration with the Service.

3.3. The Remuneration shall be credited in the following cases:

3.3.1. Once the Referral pays the Service Commission (basic charges). The amount of the basic charges for the Referral shall be determined by the Service at its own discretion. The amount shall vary from 6 to 10 percent of the amounts the Referral pays their contractors.

3.4. The Remuneration shall not be credited in case one or more of the applicable AP rules are broken.

3.5. The Remuneration is credited to the Affiliate’s balance account with the Service.

3.6. The funds can be withdrawn from the Affiliate’s balance account to their bank card.

3.7. If the funds are not withdrawn within 1 year since their crediting, the money shall be zeroed out so as to become irrecoverable.

3.8. An amount of EUR 100 (or its equivalent in USD) shall be the minimal amount of withdrawal.

3.9. Any remunerations should be withdrawn before the 10th day of each month in case the minimal amount has been reached.

3.10. If the Affiliate’s Personal account is blocked following a breaking of the applicable rules, the funds on their balance account shall not be subject to compensation.
4.1. It is not allowed to promote the websites where a Referral link is published in contextual ads if they are returned by requests that contain any forms of the word "easystaff".

4.2. To use a Referral link in advertising networks, PPC programs, etc., an approval of the Administration must be obtained to publish the RL.
5.1. The Operator shall assume the obligations to organise, manage, develop, and support the AP.

5.2. The Operator shall inform the Affiliate about any changes to the AP Rules via email or by updating the Rules to the new version.

5.3. The Operator shall calculate, credit, and pay relevant partner remunerations under the conditions specified in the applicable version of the Rules.

5.4. The Operator shall process any Requests received through AffRequest within 5 business days.
6.1. The Affiliate shall assume the obligations to attract new Users to the Service by publishing their RL and applying the AffRequest feature.

6.2. The Affiliate shall specify valid information in the Affiliate account. Upon the Operator’s request, the Affiliate shall provide any data required to identify personal details specified in the personal account.

6.3. The Affiliate shall adhere to the AP Rules.
7.1. The Affiliate shall create a Request so that a certain Referral is assigned to their personal account. To make such a Request, the Referral company’s details must be entered into a special form, available in the personal account at https://affiliate.easystaff.io/affrequests/new.

7.2. Once the completed Request form is submitted and the Request is analysed, the AP Operator shall decide whether to assign the Referral to this Affiliate. The Operator retains the right to approve of or reject such a Request in order to prevent any misuse.

7.3. In case the company suggested as a Referral is not registered with the Service, the Request shall be redirected to the Customer Department. A Customer Department manager shall contact a relevant company representative. If the company that was specified in the AffREquest eventually joins the Service, this company shall be assigned to the Affiliate that added it through the AffRequest form.

7.4. In case the company suggested as a Referral has already been registered with the Service and the registration occurred within the last 10 days, the Affiliate must demonstrate to the Operator that it had been the Affiliate that attracted the company. The Request shall be rejected if the suggested company had been registered over 10 days prior to the Request submission.

7.5. In case the Affiliate offers non-target leads systematically, the AffRequest feature might be disabled for this particular Affiliate.
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at affiliate [email protected]