Interview with Alexandr Pavlov,
Website: https://www.empireluxury.international


– EMPIRE LUXURY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION creates international social and commercial IT projects. The company's main focus is the development of beautiful and dynamic websites with stylish designs, video backgrounds, and interactive dynamic elements using artificial intelligence and neural network technologies. In addition to the web studio located in Miami, Florida, USA, the company also brings together an international team of experts who work remotely.

What challenges did the organization face?

— In order to establish official and comfortable work with an international team, ensure transparent reporting, and securely send rewards to different countries around the world, the company had to try out numerous options:

The simplest method of sending international bank transfers (SWIFT) was not always convenient, as some transfers, for example, to the UAE, either didn't reach the recipient or took a very long time. It required a significant number of communications with the recipient's bank to locate and credit the transfer. The technical support of many services was not only incompetent but also very slow in responding to inquiries.

Sending rewards in cryptocurrency seemed like an ideal option at first, but it turned out to be challenging to send it from the United States as well. It was necessary to create a corporate account on a cryptocurrency exchange that had all the mandatory licenses and permissions from US regulatory authorities. There is a limited number of such exchanges. The largest among them is Binance.US. After a month of waiting for verification, they responded that they had suspended the registration of corporate accounts in the US. Some smaller cryptocurrency exchanges are still conducting verifications!

The company also considered using e-wallets and universal payment services. However, firstly, most of them were not authorized to work with clients from the US, and secondly, some popular platforms took weeks to finalize the contract and activate the account.

What factors influenced your decision to select EasyStaff.io?

– We saw information about the EasyStaff.io service in the media and decided to test it. It's very difficult to describe in words the joy and surprise we experienced when we finally found such a magnificent solution in all respects!

The first thing we liked was the prompt and professional work of the support team! We were in contact with Marina Mikhailova. She quickly requested all the necessary documents for verification and activated our account. The contract was automatically generated, and we received a link via email to sign it online within a few minutes, instead of weeks as with other services!

First, we tried connecting the tariff plan with the option to top up the account using a corporate bank card. Everything happened very quickly: we verified the card and sent the first payment almost instantly. As far as we know, only this service provides such an opportunity, and it is very convenient when there is an urgent need to send a payment to another country.

Then we switched to a tariff plan with bank transfer top-up and tried sending the second payment. The money arrived on the next working day! And the commission for this method of top-up is twice as low!

We also used EasyStaff.io to send rewards to a remote expert who quickly registered and signed the contract. The money arrived on the crypto wallet almost instantly! At the same time, all the necessary closing documents were instantly generated for both us and the expert on the EasyStaff.io platform.

And the most convenient thing is that, thanks to cooperation with EasyStaff.io, the American corporation does not need to file additional reports for freelancers or the use of cryptocurrency, which would be required if it directly sent the transfer. After all, the American company sent payment to a European company, not to a cryptocurrency exchange or an individual freelancer's account. This is very convenient because we value not only the speed of work but also legality and reporting.

We are pleased to recommend the EasyStaff.io platform to anyone working with remote employees or freelancers. We wish success and prosperity to the professional team at EasyStaff.io!
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