Where is it more convenient to pay remote contractors: we compare conditions on popular freelancer marketplaces and EasyStaff

On the one hand, it is convenient to work with freelancers through freelancer marketplaces and special services: there is no need to conclude contracts with each contractor, just one, with the intermediary. On the other hand, customers have to worry about how to get the closing documents, contractors, where to withdraw money, all of them, how to avoid high commissions.

In the article we will find out how to work with freelancers and remote employees through an intermediary, and compare what solutions are offered by different freelancer marketplaces and services.

The information in this article is current as of August 2022.

Closing documents

The freelancer marketplaces offer them only to individual entrepreneurs or LLCs, provided they are residents of the Russian Federation.

eTXT.ru. The customer can receive a certificate of completed works once a month. In order for the freelancer marketplace to send papers, you need to make an electronic signature and register in the electronic document management system SBIS.

Kwork. The customer can download certificate of completed works from their personal account five days after the payment of the task. If you need a paper version, the freelancer marketplace will send it. If the customer wants to receive certificates through electronic document management, he needs to connect to the Kaluga-Astral system.

eTXT.ru and Kwork don't send closing documents to freelancers.

Solar Staff. The customer receives the closing documents once a month in their personal account. If you need originals with a seal and signature, the service sends them by post or courier service.

The contractor receives an invoice for each task in their personal account and a certificate of completed works based on the results of the reporting month.

EasyStaff. The customer and the contractor receive an invoice for each task in their personal account. Invoice is a closing document with information about the service, payment and the parties to the transaction. That is, an international certificate of completed works.

Example of an invoice from EasyStaff.

Fees for balance top up and withdrawal of funds

eTXT.ru. The freelancer marketplace commission is 10%, it is divided equally between the buyer and seller. If a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur transfers money from their bank account, an additional fee of 20% is deducted from the amount.

The service fee for the withdrawal of funds is paid by the contractor, the amount depends on their tax status and the method of funds withdrawal. The self—employed can transfer funds to their bank account for 1% of the amount, and natural persons can transfer funds to their card for 15%.

Solar Staff. The service commission is between 5 and 10%, depending on the amount of payment. This amount is paid by the customer.

The contractor pays a commission for withdrawal only if they transfer less than the threshold values to the bank card: 1000 ₽, 50 € or 50 $. In this case, the commission will be 50 ₽, 2 € and 2 $, respectively.

Kwork. The customer pays a service fee to top up their balance in the freelancer marketplace — 200 rubles, if the amount is more than 4000 rubles — 5%, if the money is sent from bank account — 6.5%.

The contractor pays the freelancer marketplace commission. If the total amount of sales to the customer is less than 30,000 ₽ — 20%, from 30,000 ₽ to 300,000 ₽ — 12%, over 300,000 ₽ — 7.5%. The contractor also pays a commission for the funds withdrawal — 3%.

EasyStaff. The service commission is 5-10% of a fix rate, paid by the customer. If there are more than 50 people in your remote team, EasyStaff can offer individual conditions.
The contractor does not pay a commission for the funds withdrawal.

Methods and terms of money withdrawal

eTXT.ru. Non-resident natural persons can withdraw funds to YUmoney QIWI wallets, as well as to Visa and Mastercard cards. Resident natural persons— to the QIWI wallet, Visa/Mastercard/Mir cards. Self—employed - to QIWI and bank account.

The money will arrive in five working days after the request is submitted. You can order a withdrawal within a day, but the commission for urgency will be 5%.

Solar Staff. Contractors can withdraw money to Visa/Mastercard/Mir cards, to an electronic wallet or via SEPA transfer. Payment will be sent within six working days after the request.

Kwork. Money can be withdrawn to Visa/Mastercard/Mir bank cards, QIWI, WebMoney and YUmoney electronic wallets. The freelancer marketplace transfers funds twice a week: on Mondays and Thursdays. As a rule, the money comes instantly to electronic wallets, but in rare cases may be delayed up to six working days. The withdrawal to the card can take from several minutes to 24 hours.

EasyStaff. Money can be withdrawn to bank accounts via SEPA, SWIFT, ACH transfer (except for Russia and Belarus), Visa/Mastercard/Mir cards, PayPal and crypto wallets. The company sends funds three times a day.

Communication between the customer and the contractor

eTXT.ru. You can discuss work only in the chat on the freelancer marketplace, for exchanging contacts moderators can give a warning or block the account.

Solar Staff. Customers and contractors can communicate outside the service.

Kwork. It is forbidden to transmit contact information on the freelancer marketplace, for which the user can be banned for a year. There is one exception to the rule: if the information is needed for work. For example, when the contractor needs access to a social network account to manage the customer's group. But it is important to specify this aspect in the conditions of the task in advance.

EasyStaff. The service allows customers who work with freelancers and remote employees to communicate in any way convenient for them and exchange their contacts.

Bonuses for customers

eTXT.ru. Sometimes the freelancer marketplace offers new users promo codes that can be used to pay for services within the service: proofreading, online text verification, raising and advertising ads, orders or articles for sale.

Solar Staff. There is free demo access, during which employees give users a chance to try the functions of the service and teach them how to use it.

Kwork. Customers can use a discount promo code for the first order.

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