Instructions for Freelancers. How to sign up for

Step 1. Sign up for the service

Click the link in the message that was emailed to you.
Enter your email, phone number, password and select “I’m a freelancer” in the “Role” field to register as a freelancer. Click “Register”.

Step 2. Fill in your profile

After signing up you’ll see your personal page. Go to the “User” tab, click “Edit”
and fill all the fields in.
The Offer Agreement will be generated within 5 minutes, you’ll see it in the
“Offer (not signed)” field. Click “Accept the offer agreement” to proceed.

Enter your payment details.
Go to “My payment details” tab. You can see a list of four currencies in which
your customers can send you tasks. Click the field with the necessary currency.
Select the payment type and enter the bank card or account number. If you
want to get payment to a bank account, enter SWIFT/BIC/ROUTING details
and your name and surname in “Extra details”.

If you want to receive payments in crypto, select "Cryptocurrency" as a payout method. Enter your cryptowallet in the "Account" field, enter cryptocurrency excnahge name in the "Crypto exchange name" field and network and currency in the "Cryptocurrency and network" field.

Click “Save”. You’ll be able to edit these data any time later.

Step 3: Accept the task sent by your customer

You’ll see all the tasks on the “Tasks” tab. To see the details of every task just
click on it.
Click “Accept” in the task to take it to work.

Step 4: Send a completed task to a customer

Click “Upload results” in the task to add files.
Drag the files to the field or click the field to add some files. When the file is
uploaded click “Add results”.
Click “Send to customer”.
When you send the task to your customer’s approval, the status switches to “Sent
to customer”. When the customer accepts it, the status switches to “Accepted”.

Step 5: Get the payment

When the customer accepts a completed task, the payment will be transferred to
your EasyStaff account. We’ll make a transfer to your bank card or account within
1 business day. You can check your balance on the “My payment details” tab.

You can see a list of all operations on “Operations” tab. As soon as we transfer
the money, you’ll see the operation in the “Payouts” field.