Are you a freelancer or remote employee?

Get payments from the best customers globally
On the other hand, your customers will be able to work with you no matter what you status is: individual entrepreneur, self-employed, physical person. EasyStaff broaden the possibilities—through us, you can cooperate with giant international companies and earn more.

Any tax status

You no more need to open a transactional account, wait for foreign exchange controls to complete, or submit agreements or acceptance & delivery acts to your customers. EasyStaff will back you up with all the documentation for your customers abroad—so you can finally focus only on your job.

Have your documents prepared impeccably and promptly

EasyStaff sends payments 3 times a day Get your payment within 24 hours after the customer accepts your completed task.

Fast payments to freelancers

EasyStaff has agreements with multiple banking institutions and payment systems: Revolut, Wise, PayPal, ECOMMPAY, Stripe, Bankera, Papaya, Platio, TransferGo. Debit your money to your card in your preferred currency: EUR, USD, RUB. No hidden charges.

Easy write-offs from a/c

Invite your customer to sign up for EasyStaff and send you an invitation
Sign up for the EasyStaff Service using the customer’s invitation
The Service will confirm your collaboration automatically
Accept and perform tasks from your customer
Receive payments internally with the option to debit them to your transactional a/c
The Service is free for freelancers-no VAT, no charges
Be our advocate with your friends, colleagues, and employers-get 10% of the charges for their annual revenues transferred through EasyStaff. This would pay off at about $ 380 a month.
The EasyStart service generates invoices under the EC rules
With EasyStaff, you can cooperate with customers from more high-paid markets, thus boosting your paychecks. You do not have to register as a legal entity nor open an account with a foreign bank.
European and US customers are usually willing to pay invoices made through EasyStart (96% of cases)
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